All our drills can be customized to suit unique client requirements

Whether small or large diameter openings, our versatile drills address the demands for a wide range of applications, including ventilation raises, production shafts, pilots for slashed and raised shafts, escape manways, fill raises, ore and waste passes and slot raises.

All our machines are equipped with modern technology and mechanical rod handlers, resulting in safer operations. The capability of semi-automated operation further enhances our state-of-the-art raiseboring services with safety always top of mind.

Acclaimed for its unique power output and compact design, or fleet includes drills with upream (boxhole) and downream capabilities.

Each drill is designed and built by raise drillers for raise drillers.

Redbore 100 Redbore 90 Redbore 80 Redbore 70 Redbore 65 Redbore 60UR Redbore 50X Redbore 50 Redbore 40 Redbore 30X

Complementary products

Taking a holistic approach on raiseboring, our company has developed complementary products that address additional aspects of the raiseboring process.


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raise-drill transporter, offering independent and swift underground mobilization of drill.

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Borehole Locator

designed to rapidly locate pilot holes that have failed to intersect their intended target.



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